A simple WPBakery bug

A client requested to use the WPBakery plugin in their Wordpress installation. Due to some unknown factor, it had a unpleasant bug: elements wouldn’t save the first time after editing them in the backend editor. You had to open an element, close it, open it again, and only then would it save.

The console throws an error like

Uncaught TypeError: this.content().find(...).data(...) is undefined in edit-form.min.js

For which the solution turned out to be editing form-edit.min.js, replacing this

this.content().find('input.wpb_vc_param_value[name="' + param.param_name + '"]').data("vcFieldManager").save()
with this
let x = this.content().find('input.wpb_vc_param_value[name="' + param.param_name + '"]').data("vcFieldManager");
  return true;
  return x.save()

Rant about support

After trying the usual disable other themes and plugins, I didn’t want to waste billable hours and paid $40 for the support license of WPBakery (the previous one being just expired). After making a support request with custom login, clear path to the error and already tried attempts, their reply was… suboptimal.

I got a complete stock reply, stating the potential solution of trying to update and or update plugins and themes, something I’ve done and stated so in the issue itself. The 3 or 4 times back and forth emails went something like:

“Can you confirm the site is not live, and we can change files etc?”

“Yes, please do”

“Did you try updating plugins?”

“Yes, as in the original issue”

At which point it became too obvious this was not going to work. I looked into it myself, and found the issue to be smaller than I expected, the solution was as simple as shown in the top of this post.

When I emailed both the solution and a friendly indication of the uselessness of the support, I got a stock reply with a link to the refund policy. There was no interest in solving the problem (for me or others), and the refund policy states

We DO NOT honor requests for the refund for the following reasons:

  • Product did not meet your expectations;

I expected support to be helpful, which it wasn’t, so I can’t get back my money?

I guess that was my last wpbakery purchase 🙂